Music. With all it's many styles, genres, facets and unexpected tangents it has taken me along the way. Classical, contemporary, choral, pop, childrens, film, dance, fusion. This magical stuff comes from somewhere deep within, without question, sometimes unexpectedly arriving through my piano or through my voice. It soothes me, it inspires me, it transports me, it makes me laugh, it makes me dance, it makes me cry. I am a musician: an educator, a pianist, a composer, a listener, a performer, a singer, a songwriter. With all that music means to me, I feel like I can say that I am a musician.

It's my hope that this blog will be some sort of an online memory, a diary, my ramblings, rough drafts of my musical thoughts, my influences, snippets of music making and other random news, events and projects. And if I can give to others what my favourite musicians, composers, performers, singers, songwriters and teachers have given to me then I will be able to say that my life has been one well worth living.

So stay tuned to the ramblings and get in touch if you need anything: from my self-published scores to school workshops; to composing a new and unique piece of music for a special someone to walk down the isle to or to farewell someone when words are not enough; or perhaps to have me perform at your child's 5th birthday party, or even your 50th wedding anniversary.

I hope you will return when you can to read, listen and enjoy as I continue to make music and evolve. As one of my favourite quotes says, "the only constant in life is change". Music is a special part of my life, my soul, my energy. And always will soon. JM

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