National Kodály Conference 2014

It was a fantastic week at the National Kodály Conference 2014 in Sydney as many music educators from around Australia and overseas shared their thoughts, skills and ideas with one another. This was my due date to get this website launched and I made it!!! I had the chance to present two elective sessions with a session of Music by James Madsen, with a range of music from my vocal works, to chamber music as well as a play through my new Recorder Songs. I also presented a Jam On Toast session which was recieved with much appreciated singing, dancing and giggles. Was great to meet people at my trade table showing my original works and hopefully will see them at workshops sometime soon. Most people seemed to understand my dual personalities James vs Jamie (schizophrenia as one person commented!) and the word that people kept describing my music was 'refreshing'. I'll take that.

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