Now is the month of Maying!

May 2015 was a busy month of sharing my ideas on music education and the benefits of creativity with a range of professional development seminars presented to other educators. For the Association of Independent Schools NSW I presented a day for high school music teachers, a day for primary specialists music teachers as well as a day for general primary teachers. All were based on the idea of using music, improvising, and composing to help create innovative and adaptable students who will be able to deal with the challenges of the future, whatever it may bring. Music has the unique ability to do this by firing up so many brain process, especially with regard to performing and creating music. I also attended and presented a session for the NSW Orff Association's conference, which is always truly inspiring. And more recently I presented a session to the wonderful Early Learning staff at International Grammar School, Sydney, sharing with them the value of music and giving them some ideas to bring more music into their classroom. If you would like some inspiration for your next conference or for your staff, please feel free to contact me.

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