ASME National Conference

It was great to attend the Australian Society for Music Education National Conference in Adelaide with a range of teachers from across the country coming togther to share ideas and learn from one another. I presented two sessions, one based on my new Xylophone Book with ways to incorporate creative thinking and improvising activities into lessons as well as a Jam On Toast session bringing to life the activities from the Recipe Books. I also got to attend some great sessions and hear inspiring speeches, with Richard Gill discussing the state of Music Education in Australia and Anita Collins discussing the mind-blowing links of music and neuro-science. Another favourite workshop was with Katie Wardrobe from Midnight Music who shares ideas for incorporating technology into the music classroom, encouraging me to ‘game up’ and bring a bit of Loopy into the Jam On Toast show!

Check out www.AnitaCollins for an inspiring TedEx talk.

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