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There are a range of professional development for teachers in 2016 all with the focus of unlocking creativity with both teachers and students. As a music educator and with a passion for composing the challenge of teaching improvisation and composition need not be so daunting. Add a small component of creativity to all your music lessons to switch on different pathways of the brain and activate more processing skills. I am presenting a few teacher training days this year for a range of student age groups.

Association of Independent School (NSW) High School Music Conference

7 June 2016 at Abbotsleigh (Hornsby, Sydney)


Association of Independent School (NSW)

Primary Teachers: Boosting creative thinking across the curriculum with music and sound

17 June 2016 at Wenona (North Sydney)


Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts (ECCPA)

20-21 August 2016 at Gennazano Girls' School (Kew, Melbourne)

Presenting two sessions of my Jam On Toast music and recipes for early childhood teachers.


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