James Madsen was born and bred in Sydney, Australia, where he began learning piano from a young age. He went on to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, graduating with an Honours Degree in Music Education, studying classical piano under Stephanie McCallum.


With his background in music education, James has taught music in it’s many styles and at all levels, to preschool, primary and high school students. He has worked in various schools and music institutions throughout Sydney and London. He is also passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge of music education and creative thinking to other educators, presenting regularly at conferences.


James began his interest in composition when he was young, writing his first pieces for piano and recording his first cassette of original music by the age of 16. Over the years he has continued his interest in composition, producing a range of musical styles from contemporary classical works, pop music, as well as his much-loved songs for children. His music includes instrumental solo and ensemble works, choral and vocal music, sonic logos plus short film scores. He also loves composing new music for special occasions, such as weddings, new borns and anniversary celebrations.

Jam On Toast is his unique project of music for children. His original songs and dances from his series of albums have become firm favourites amongst the world of children's music. He regularly performs his Jam On Toast concerts and also presents creative workshops. The series includes CDs, DVDs plus print resources, including accompanying song books and activity books, aiming to inspire young creative minds. Visit for more.

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