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James Madsen


James Madsen studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, graduating with an Honours Degree in Music Education. He studied piano under Stephanie McCallum. He has since taught music in a range of schools to children of all ages, including preschool, primary and high school students. With his background in music education and a passion for composition, James also presents music workshops with a range of his original repertoire. With an interest in the benefits of music education and cognitive development, music workshops usually involve a variety of skills of singing, movement and playing, plus a focus on improvising and creative music making.


James is also the creator & producer of the series of Jam On Toast albums & resource material for young children. He performs concerts, presents creative workshops and has series of online videos with interactive recipe activities for the music classroom. Visit for more.


Keen to share what he has learnt from his own teachers, mentors and experiences, James is a regular presenter at conferences and professional development courses. These sessions present his ideas on his own music education philosophy as well as advocating the benefits of creative thinking through music.


Over the years James has continued to pursue his interest in composition, producing a wide range of new music in a variety of styles. His contemporary classical music includes choir music, chamber works and solo repertoire. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Music.

Contact & Bookings

For all BOOKINGS & general ENQUIRIES please send me a message with your request. 


To PURCHASE SCORES please send me a message with the name of the piece you wish to buy.


For CHOIR MUSIC purchases please state the number of copies you require & the voicing arrangement, Eg. SA or SAB. Distribution licences are distributed in 25/50/100 copies. Eg. If you have a choir of 40 singers you will need a 50 copy licence.


Click on the CATALOGUE icon above to download a list of current works & prices.


James Madsen

PO Box 616

Waverley NSW 2024 Australia


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