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Photo: Connor Malanos

Creative Music Workshops

My passion is music education, developing skills and inspiring musical thinking. From young children through to adults, my aim is to pass on what I have learnt along the way from my own teachers and mentors. Book now!


  • Interactive music workshops with a focus on creative thinking

  • Teacher-training seminars and conference presentations

  • Composer/conductor rehearsals

  • Learn how to use music technology effectively with your students (Logic Pro, Sibelius)

  • Print resources, online videos and listening material for further analysis of works for the music classroom and HSC music

Sing, Move & Play


Book James for a general workshop where he presents a range of activities that flow from one skill to the next. A seamless interactive session of singing, moving and playing. Adapted for all ages to suit your skill level.

  • Sing songs and choir music from his repertoire

  • Add movement, dance and body percussion

  • Transfer musical concepts onto instruments

  • Improve your improvisation skills and lead on to arranging and composition tasks.

  • Adapted for all year groups and musical abilities, from primary through to high school, including HSC music.

Composer/Conductor Rehearsals


Ever wanted a living composer to conduct the repertoire you perform? Book in a workshop with James as he leads you through his interpretation of his own music.

  • Choose the repertoire to suit your needs

  • Choir music and instrumental ensembles

  • Ideal for music camps and festivals

Mallet Jam!

Book a workshop with James showcasing repertoire from the book Mallet Jam! An exciting collection of tuned percussion pieces, for beginner to advanced, in a range of styles.

  • Add movement and body percussion

  • Improve your improvisation skills

  • Create your own arrangements

  • Then lead on to composition tasks

Recorder Songs


If you are after some beautiful songs for recorder repertoire then book in a workshop to learn selected pieces from James' Recorder Book.

  • Learn to play with a blended and musical tone

  • Add improvisation ideas

  • Play in multiple parts or canon

  • Ideal for music festivals

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Music Technology


As a modern contemporary composer music technology plays a major role in creating music. Learn skills to help record your musical ideas as well as notation using software programs.

  • Learn recording techniques using Garage Band or Logic Pro

  • Improve your notation skills using Sibelius software

  • Ideal for HSC composition work

Jam On Toast!


Book a concert or workshop with the much-loved songs, dances and recipe activities from the series of Jam On Toast albums.

  • Jam On Toast concerts are an interactive and totally entertaining performance jam-packed full of songs and dances

  • Jam On Toast RECIPE workshops are class based sessions with the added bonus of playing instruments to add more musical thinking to the songs

  • Ideal for early learning and lower primary school.

Teacher-Training Sessions

Book James to present at your next professional development, sharing his inspiring ideas and accessible activities and original repertoire to add to your music programs and ensembles

  • Ideal for staff development days

  • Conference sessions and presentations

  • Short sessions at your early learning centre or school

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