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Commission NEW Music!

Be part of the creative process of music making! Collaborate and commission a new and unique piece of music to suit your requirements. Original music can be composed with the options of an accompanying score; a professionally produced recording; or arranged to be performed live for a special occasion. ​​

  • Choirs

  • Instrumental ensembles & chamber music

  • Solo repertoire​

  • Theatre or multimedia projects

  • Schools, community musicians or festivals

  • Weddings or anniversary celebrations

Commission CHOIR music

There are so many benefits of commissioning an exciting NEW piece of music for your choir to sing. PLUS you can be a part of the creative process!

  • Collaborate on the theme

  • Workshop ideas for lyrics with students

  • Choose the number of parts & voicing

  • Aimed at the appropriate ability of your singers

  • Book a rehearsal with the composer

Silver Linings​

For double SA choir, piano & strings

Commissioned by Moorambilla Voices

A brief was given by Michelle Leonard of Moorambilla Voices to create a work based on the theme of clouds for performance by junior singers for their 2016 festival concert.


As many of the singers where from regional country badly affected by years of drought, the lyrics form a story of the dry and broken land longing for the endless blue sky to burst it's clouds. On the horizon they hope to meet again, where the earth and sky reunite. The indigenous word garaguru, meaning cloud, from the Sydney language is used throughout.

Commission NEW music
for your ENSEMBLE!

Commission a piece of music for your ensembles. 

  • Collaborate on the style, skill level & techniques

  • String ensembles, string quartets, chamber  music, concert bands, plus full orchestra

  • Book a workshop with the composer

Mt Solitary violin part commission.png
Views To Mount Solitary

For solo violins, string orchestras & congas

Commissioned by Santa Sabina College


A brief was given to compose a concertino style piece for two highly skilled violinists, with accompanying parts for their intermediate string ensemble, as well as another part for beginner string players. With imagery of Australian bird song, the vast sand stone cliffs of the Blue Mountains & gushing waterfalls Views To Mount Solitary was composed for their students and supported by their dedicated staff. It was first performed at City Recital Hall, Sydney, for their music director's, Mrs Karen Carey, farewell concert.

Commission NEW music
for your INSTRUMENT!

Commission a piece of music for your own instrument. 

  • Collaborate on the style, skill level & techniques

  • Help create the music to suit your needs

  • Book a workshop with the composer

Stellar dreaming Commission.png
Stellar Dreaming

For piano duo

Commissioned by St Andrew's

Cathedral School


A brief was given to compose a piece to perform on an international music tour to showcase two highly skilled piano students. The result was a piano duet, with a slow-fast-slow structure, exciting mixed-metre rhythms and an exploration of the vast range and tone colour of the piano. Listen to the full work on Spotify or Apple Music.

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