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Please click on the title image below to access the options for each score. FREE sample excerpts are available for all voice works to download and peruse. Choir scores are available to purchase with licence numbers as either 25x, 50x or 100x copy licences. Purchase the appropriate number of licenced copies you require for each choir score. For example, if you have a choir of 40 singers purchase a 50x copy licence. The vocal score will have the number of licenced copies printed on it. Please print and add the authorised licence holder details (such as your name, school, institution or choir organisation) on the original vocal score before copying and distributing. For more than 100x licenced copies, please Contact Me direct to discuss your requirements. 

You can LISTEN to some of the pieces via playlists in YouTube or Soundcloud (links above). 


Please note, there are no refunds or returns possible once the music has been purchased. 

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