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Jamie brings you his exciting second collection of orginal songs for children! This album inlcudes the favourite new tracks the Mr Shadow dance, an action song Hands On Heads, the humorous ballad Cloud Watching, plus the beautiful lullaby Candle, Candle.

More Jam On Toast - CD

SKU: 20110201
  • Released 2011 - Running time 53 minutes


    1. More Jam On Toast (Sing Hey!)

    2. Good Morning (Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, Posh)

    3. One Sunny Day (Hopping)

    4. Cloud Watching

    5. Hands On Heads

    6. Paint Your Life (Part 1)

    7. One Sunny Day (Sliding)

    8. That's How You Spell Jamie

    9. Que Te Mueve

    10. One Sunny Day (Stomping)

    11. Over The Fence

    12. Fashion Guru

    13. One Sunny Day (Galloping)

    14. Knock, Knock

    15. Paint Your Life (Part 2)

    16. One Sunny Day (Creeping)

    17. Mr Shadow

    18. Candle, Candle

    19. Goodbye Jamie

    20. Bonus Track: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

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