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Recorder Songs (Book 1) - Student Book Recorder Parts - 25x copy licence.

Please print and copy only up to 25x copies for your students. 

If you require more copies please purchase the appropriate licence number.

If you require more than 100x copies please contact me direct to arrange.


A collection of original pieces for descant recorder ideal for concert performances for beginners. This collection of original repertoire for the beginner recorder player is designed to be a supplement to other sequential recorder programs. The pieces in this book progress sequentially and each piece usually focuses on a specific technique. There is flexibility in the way the songs can be presented and they can be used as a means of revision of previously learned concepts. They are also designed to be performed with the piano accompaniment, as well as in some cases, percussion and singing. There are solo improvisations to be played, Italian musical terms to learn, tonguing techniques to revise, canons to arrange and songs to intertwine with the playing. Be creative!

Recorder Songs (Book 1) - 25x copy licence - Student Book Recorder Parts

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