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Silver Linings

For Double SA Choir & Piano (with optional Chamber Strings)

Words & Music by James Madsen

Commissioned by Moorambilla Voices

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This work was commissioned for the Moorambilla Voices Festival 2016 in celebration of the theme of clouds. At the time the country's landscape was ravaged by drought and the parched land was yearning for rain clouds. By the time the piece was performed the rains had come and the rivers were flooding once again. The images of sky and earth are depicted in the music as performed by the two choirs which represent the contrasting elements who long for one another.  The work uses the Gadigal word 'garaguru', which is thought to mean 'clouds' in the indigenous language from the Sydney area. 


It is scored for two choirs, piano and optional chamber strings. The work could be performed with the two choirs in antiphonal style on opposite side softhe performance space. Tone chimes could also be played by a few selected choir members where indicated. While the chamber strings can add to the effectiveness of the work, it can also be performed with just the choirs and piano accompaniment. 

Silver Linings (SSAA) SAMPLE

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