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Sticks + Stones

For SA Choir & Piano

Words & Music by James Madsen

Commissioned by Pymble Ladies' College

25x copy licence


A work commissioned to promote kindness, thoughtfulness and friendship.

The lyrics use as an initial inspiration the old saying:

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But your words will never hurt me


But in truth, our words we say and the words we hear can have a deep and sometimes devastating effect on us and those around us. Harsh and cruel words can hurt deeply. While kind and encouraging words can lift our soul. The lyrics continue:


What if a stone was thrown with the weight of a word

What if the word I heard bruised deep into my soul

Would you throw that stone?


Following this the piece turns to the phrase, 'lay down your sticks and stones'. The piece finishes with an energetic coda of running out to nature and meeting in the open air where we can find our common thread with each other. 

Sticks + Stones (SA) 25x

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